Sovereign Grace - Past and Present

Edited by Ian Potts


Table of Contents

Preface                                                                                                               xiii

Introduction                                                                                                      xvii

     Sovereign Grace

 PART ONE - Sovereign Grace From The Past


Chapter One      William Tiptaft

Salvation by Grace                                                                                         3

He Shall Save His People from their Sins                                              21

Chapter Two      Tobias Crisp

Christ's Pre-eminence                                                                                 35

Christ the Chiefest and First Mercy                                                       57

Chapter Three   William Huntington S.S.

The Breath of the Lord                                                                                 71

Chapter Four     William Gadsby

The Great Things God has Done for His People                                  97

Chapter Five      J.C. Philpot

The Day of Power                                                                                        117

A Gospel to Believe                                                                                     135

Free Grace                                                                                                      136

Chapter Six         John Kershaw

The Name of Jesus                                                                                       139

Chapter Seven   Robert Murray M'Cheyne

Christ, The Way, The Truth and The Life                                           155

No Man Can Come (Except The Father Draw Him)                        165  

Chapter Eight            James Bourne

Free Grace Salvation                                                                                  167

Chapter Nine             Eli Ashdown

Christ, The Fountain of Waters                                                             177

Chapter Ten               Francis Covell

The Good Thing Promised                                                                       201

Chapter Eleven          John Vinall

Salvation is of the Lord                                                                             223

Chapter Twelve        John Warburton

The Lovingkindness of God                                                                     231

The Mourner Blessed                                                                                 245


PART TWO - Sovereign Grace From The Present


Chapter Thirteen       Benjamin A. Ramsbottom

The Glories of the Resurrection                                                             261

Chapter Fourteen      Don Fortner

Jesus Only                                                                                                      275

As an Eagle                                                                                                    283

Why was He Forsaken?                                                                            287

Led by the Spirit                                                                                         297

Chapter Fifteen          Henry Mahan

Salvation by Grace Alone                                                                        303

Chapter Sixteen         Don Bell

That I may win Christ                                                                              323

Is it fair?                                                                                                          326

Learning Christ                                                                                           327

Free and Sovereign Grace                                                                        329


Chapter Seventeen   Gary Shepard

Christ the Saviour of Sinners                                                                 331

What will we have in the Day of Trouble?                                        334

Stand Still and See the Salvation of the Lord                                    336

Chapter Eighteen      Todd Nibert

The Body of Christ                                                                                      339

God Reigns                                                                                                    342

Miserable or Contented?                                                                          344

Believe ye?                                                                                                     345

Chapter Nineteen     Peter L. Meney

The Great Divide                                                                                         347

Great is your Reward in Heaven                                                          350

Limiting the Atonement                                                                           354

Chapter Twenty        Tom Harding

Lord, Make us See Our Need                                                                   359

Ruin, Redemption and Regeneration                                                   362

Hear Him                                                                                                       363

Salvation                                                                                                        365  

Appendix A

     In Closing                                                                                                       369

Appendix B

     Further Reading By and About the Authors                                    371  

Colophon                                                                                                          382