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On this page we have available selected sermons in MP3 Audio format for downloading. Due to a lack of space on the website there are only several sermons available at a time but these may be changed periodically, so please check back often to see if there are any new sermons available. We have also provided links to sites where many more sermons by various preachers are also available for download.

We begin with an 'embedded' list of sermons from These include messages by a number of preachers, and the list can be filtered in various ways using the control at the top. Instructions of how to play the messages are shown below.


The following are links to more messages by various preachers. In order to download a sermon from here, using Internet Explorer, simply right-click on the sermon name and choose 'Save Target As...'. This allows you to store the .mp3 file on your computer's hard disk. From there you should be able to listen to the sermon on your computer by playing it back using software such as Real Player or Windows Media player (or alternatively click here to download the free WinAmp audio player). Also if you have a portable MP3 player you should be able to copy the audio file across to that for playback.

Ian Potts

Don Fortner

    A wide range of sermons by Don Fortner are available to download from his website which links to Don Fortner Audio Messages on, and also at

    The following are a couple of examples which are well worth downloading:-

    The Grace Baptist Church at Danville in Kentucky recently held its 2007 Sovereign Grace Conference. The conference messages are highly recommended and can be downloaded by following this link:-

    The 2006 conference messages can also be listened to here:-

    • Special Meetings. Includes "For whom did Christ die?" by Todd Nibert and "The Foundation of Our Faith" by Don Bell. Check the dates for the 2006 conference messages (9/2/2006) as this folder also includes other messages.

John Metcalfe

Henry Mahan
    An extensive selection of sermons by Henry Mahan are now available to download from the Sermon Audio website.

Stephen Bignall and Edgar Andrews
Other Sovereign Grace Preachers
    An extensive range of sermons preached by various Sovereign Grace Gospel Preachers are available at Sovereign Grace Articles - Audio and a number of video recordings of sermons are also available at Sovereign Grace Articles - Video.

    Another good site to download audio sermons from is All Of Grace. Here you can listen to sermons by preachers including Don Fortner, Rolfe Barnard, Donnie Bell, Henry Mahan, Gary Shepard, Todd Nibert and others.

    Finally, don't forget to visit Free Grace Radio for more excellent Gospel messages.

Don Fortner in Honiton

On the 23rd and 24th of April 2007 Pastor Don Fortner of Grace Baptist Church, Danville, Kentucky paid a visit to Honiton during a rare trip to the United Kingdom (his last visit to the UK being 20 years ago). We thank the Lord for his visit, for the warm fellowship enjoyed with both Pastor Fortner and his wife Shelby and for his faithful preaching of the Gospel of Christ in this area.

Both meetings were very well attended, with the ministry being much appreciated by many of our brothers and sisters in Christ (some of whom travelled quite some distance in order to be present) who expressed their joy at being able to meet with one another for fellowship at such meetings. The Lord is greatly to be praised.

Listen to the two messages delivered by Don Fortner in Honiton here.

Our thanks and appreciation go to all who attended, to the Lord's servant for faithfully preaching Christ to us, and most of all to our Sovereign God who so blessed the preaching of His word to the souls of His people on this memorable and blessed occasion.

(Further messages by Don Fortner from his visit to the UK are listed in the section above...)


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