Online Video Messages

On this page you can view a number of Gospel Preaching videos, mainly by Don Fortner (as long as you have a 'Broadband' internet connection, or similar). The player should appear above, assuming you have the correct version of the Macromedia Flash player installed (if not it should offer you the option of downloading and installing it). If your browser displays a warning message near the top of its window simply click on it and select to 'Allow Blocked Content...' in order to allow the video player to display. To play the messages simply click a couple of times on the large button in the middle of the player to start, and the first message will begin to play. Further messages can be selected by hovering the mouse pointer near the bottom of the player and clicking on the thumbnail picture of the message you wish to play. (Four of the videos are of the recent meetings in Honiton at which Don Fortner preached on April 23rd - 24th 2007).

More Video Messages by Don Fortner
Video Messages by Henry Mahan
Video Messages by Rolfe Barnard (Audio messages presented as streaming video)

(These videos are hosted by a website called Veoh. If you wish to add comments about the videos or download high quality versions for playback on your computer using a downloadable Veoh player then visit the Grace And Truth Online 'channel' page. A number of the videos we have included were uploaded to a 'channel' called Mastershoku which also includes a wide range of sermons by both Don Fortner and Henry Mahan.)

Don't forget to visit Free Grace Radio for more excellent Gospel messages in MP3 audio format.

"For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ."
John 1:17