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John Harper
Called by the grace of God born by HIS will not of man nor by hearing enticing words of TARE gospel but of the WORD OF GOD INCORRUPTABLE IN THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH. Amen
20:27 31st May 2003

Exposure of two false doctrines belief of which if not repented of lead to damnation and death eternal.

Amen and Amen to your affairmation to the TRUTH that is proclaimed in the Authorised King James Bible the ONLY translation that reveals the TRUTH of the Gospel that was preached by the Apostles of the NEW covenant and the OLD covenant confirmed by the Dead Sea scrolls especially the book of Isiaha.
The English translation in the King James being almost the same but what all true called by Grace Christians must receive into a humble and contrite NEW circumcised heart purged with the old man crucified with the LORD JESUS CHRIST dead buried and risen a NEW creation Praise the LORD JESUS for MERCY and GRACE is that when and only when our NEW hearts are THIRSTY and HUNGRY for all LOVE OF, OBEDIENCE to and ABIDENCE in ALL the TRUTH of the Gospel of God unto salvation, we are JUSTIFIED by FAITH through GRACE in being taught by the annointing of the Holy Spirt of TRUTH, as it is written in 1 John 2 AKJ. Amen
Whilst receiving all knowledge of the TRUTH from 1 John AKJ in the inward parts by the GRACE of God who knoweth all hearts whether they LOVE HIS TRUTH, HEAR it and DO it? Then HEED chapter 4 that it bring reprove of SIN: RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUDGEMENT and GLORIFY JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD to discern the HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH and the evil spirit of deception! NOT forgetting in these END TIMES especially, which has been gaining momentum rapidly this recent past decade, that satan himself is transformed into an angel of light and his ministers are transformed into ministers of righteousness! 2 Cor 11 AKJ And, HEED the LORD JESUS' WARNING to HIS disciples in Matthew 24 AKJ "BE NOT DECEIVED AND WATCH AND BE READY" that in the END TIMES, many false Christs will come and many false prophets with all power and lying signs and wonders!
Woe unto us, is not this counterfeit tare & man centred religion of so called Christianity abound with the false Christs that the denominations worship? The mother of the harlots being the roman catholic church that are readily supported with all the false security doctrines and promises of easy believism by these MANY false prophets and false teachers that profess the LORD JESUS with their mouths but their hearts are far from HIM! Now HEED Matthew 7 AKJ and judge yourownself IF you are working out your own salvation with FEAR and TREMBLING and KNOW by being taught by the HOLY SPIRT of TRUTH that your GOD AND FATHER, is a consuming fire to:-"ALL THEY WHO KNOW NOT GOD AND THEY WHO OBEY NOT THE GOSPEL OF THEIR LORD JESUS CHRIST" Amen 2 Thes 1 AKJ
Now in reprove of the two main false doctrines that were first rooted in the false teachings of 1st Peligan a 3rd cent. monk who proclaimed that mans will had a part to play in his salvation and that man had free will to make a choice to become a Christian or NOT? Worldly man was cursed with a FREE WILL at the time of Adam's disobedience to GOD the FATHER'S WORD but a true called by GRACE Christian born from above, has ONLY two choices LIFE or DEATH! Amen The more recent expounder of this false doctrine was John Wesley and more recently compounded by the likes of Billy Graham with enticing words that had unsuspecting souls come forward and "Decide for Christ or Choose Christ or Invite Christ"? What has these enticing words (seeds)that the LORD JESUS EXPOSED them as being TARES (A counterfeit wheat that only grows among TRUE WHEAT!)what has this doctrine got to with the TRUTH of the eternal incorruptable WORD of TRUTH and LIFE as it is written in Ephesians:AKJ James chap 1 AKJ and 1 Peter AKJ to name a few TRUTHS?
The 2nd false security doctrine that was first preached by Augustine and laterly taught by the likes of Calvin et al and sects such as the Brethren and others in todays professing Christianity, is the doctrine of BEING ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED! IF the HOLY SPIRIT of the LORD JESUS CHRIST BE IN YOU and you seek RIGHTEOUSLY to win the prize of the ETERNAL CROWN OF LIFE as Paul and many other GOD FEARING and GOD LOVING people of GOD their Father did and do? Then HEED and receive all knowledge of the TRUTH from a humble and contrite NEW cleansed heart as it is written in 2 Peter 2 AKJ: Jude AKJ: Rev 2 & 3 AKJ and John 15 AKJ to name a few TRUTHS for our deliverence and salvation that we be found worthy without spot and blameless on that glorious time of the SAVIOUR and REDEEMER'S and LORD'S JESUS the KING'S return in power and Glory! Amen
Should you be, as many are today woe unto them fellowshipping and worshipping among the denominations or among many of these breakaway sects such as AOG/Pentecostal or even their breakaways who by their fruits you CALLED BY GRACE Christian will and must HEED! (SEE 2 Cor 6 AKJ and Rev 18 AKJ) They will NOT object to the worst modern day abomination of ordaining women priests and giving authority to women in their churches and will NOT rebuke either of these two above false teachings for in the main they will believe in one or the other! There are many called by Christians fellowshipping and worshipping among them and even fellowshipping and conforming to the world (SEE and HEED James 4 AKJ and 1 John 2 AKJ) in doublemindedness and trying to serve two masters, still in self will and way in self deceit seeking the easy way of TRUTH and LIFE AND ARE BLIND NOT HEEDING THEIR FATHER'S CHASTISEMENTS TO COME TO REPENTENCE WITH A HUMBLE AND CONTRITE HEART AND MANY ARE LIKEN UNTO ESSAU AND IN GRAVE DANGER OF BEING DELUDED BY GOD THEIR FATHER HIMSELF TO BELIEVE THE LIE IF THEY DO NOT SEEK MERCY AND REPENTENCE! Amen
The other terrible abomination that has been freely practised in this counterfeit man centred Christianity is the worship of it being the LORD JESUS' birthday on the 25th December? Woe this was worshipped by the followers of Nimrod and later by the ancient Eygptians/Babylonians/Romans who worshipped Isis and her son Horus whose birthday was regarded as being the 25th December these things are an abomination to GOD THE FATHER OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST! Amen
IF you will hear HIS voice today while today is still today then seek MERCY and REPENTENCE and receive HIS PEACE that you once had, and surjurn your time here in this evil corrupt world in GODLY FEAR knowing that your GOD is a consuming fire! To repeat "IN FLAMING FIRE TAKING VENGENCE ON THEM THAT KNOW NOT GOD, AND THAT OBEY NOT THE GOSPEL OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST: WHO SHALL BE PUNISHED WITH EVERLASTING DESTRUCTION FROM THE POWER OF THE LORD, AND FROM THE GLORY OF HIS POWER." Amen 2 Thes 1 AKJ
We are to WALK the same WALK as our LORD JESUS WALKED and SUFFER as a Christian in OBEDIENCE, in ABIDENCE, and in LOVE of all the TRUTH of the eternal and incorruptable Gospel of our LORD JESUS CHRIST! Amen Had NOT our LORD JESUS, a man in the flesh the same as we, had NOT HE been OBEDIENT unto death on the tree of REDEMPTION, ATTONEMENT and SALVATION where would we be today? DEAD IN OUR SINS AT THE MERCY OF ONE WHO HAS NO MERCY satan but JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD DID GIVE US THE VICTORY OVER THE god of DEATH and SIN so PRAISE HIM and PRAISE HIM ALL DAY LONG and give HIM the GLORY THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS! Amen "BLESSED ARE THEY THAT DO HIS COMMANDMENTS, THAT THEY MAY HAVE THE TO THE TREE OF LIFE, AND MAY ENTER THROUGH THE GATES UNTO THE CITY FOR WITHOUT ARE DOGS (SEE 2 Peter 2 AKJ)AND SORCERERS (Lying signs and wonder workers)WHOREMONGERS (SEE what happend to the whoremongers who fornicated both spiritually and physically with the Mobaties) THE MURDERERS (The many Cain hard hearted unmerciful selfish vain and pretentous so called Christian people) AND IDOLATORS (The LORD JESUS SAID:-"HE WHO WILL NOT DENY HIMSELF, FAMILY, POSSESSIONS, STATUS AND THE WORLD AND TAKE UP HIS OWN CROSS AND FOLLOW ME AND THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL CAN NOT BE MY DISCIPLE! Mark & Matthew AKJ) AND WHOSEVER LOVES AND PRACTICES LIES."
Is it the TRUTH of the GOSPEL to teach and preach:- "Decide for Christ or Invite Christ?" GOD FORBID! And, to teach and preach being "ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED?" GOD FORBID! And, to teach and preach "THE GIVING OF AUTHORITY OF WOMEN OVER MEN IN THE TRUE CHURCH OF ZION OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST?" GOD FORBID!
Therefore HEED the remaining TRUTH, as it is written in Revelation 22 and 2 John with 1 Cor 10 all Authorised King James Bible in that these WORDS of TRUTH and LIFE of our LORD JESUS CHRIST as it is written in the above quotations and references to the eternal HOLY SCRIPTURES bring REPROVE OF SIN, RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUDGEMENT that we all give GLORY TO HIM who knew no SIN but suffered for us that we might LIVE, JESUS CHRIST THE LORD! Amen Mercy Grace and Peace unto all they who LOVE the LORD JESUS CHRIST and all the TRUTH of HIS GOSPEL OF SALVATION. Amen John Harper 31st May 2003

"For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ."
John 1:17