Why Me?

By Ian Potts

Have you ever asked the question “Why me”?

Perhaps you’ve asked “Why me?” when things have gone wrong for you or when you seem to have been the one lumbered with the jobs others don’t want. Usually people find themselves asking “Why me?” because they don’t feel that they should be treated differently to others. More often than not we ask this question when we feel to be treated badly – rather than when we are treated well. We can be very quick to grumble and very slow to give thanks!

Yet the fact is that we receive so much for which we should be grateful. Everything we enjoy comes from God - food, drink, sunshine, health - yet we have rarely thanked Him. We have all ignored our Maker; we have all lived for ourselves; all selfishly sought our own things and not the things of God (Romans 3:10-23). In fact many live almost as though God doesn’t even exist.

This does not go unnoticed.

God’s word, the Bible, tells us that ultimately God will judge all men and women according to their deeds without respect to persons (Romans 2:6). All will be judged equally and fairly, whether they have done good or bad. Everyone has done wrong, all have sinned, you and me included, and all will be judged according to their sins. This is only fair. The Bible tells us plainly what we deserve – “the wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23).

Such a judgement according to God’s righteous standards is the same for everyone. God need spare no one. Yet the wonder of God’s grace and love is that He has chosen to spare some! In fact He has chosen to show mercy to a great multitude. Amongst a rebellious human race which has wholeheartedly and without exception turned its back upon its Maker, God has a chosen people whom He loves, unto whom He shows mercy and whom He freely saves from the “wrath to come”.

The Bible tells us that God delights in showing mercy and that He is merciful to all those who cry out to Him for mercy (Romans 10:14). He forgives them their sins and delivers them from judgement.

How? Does God turn a blind eye to their sins? Is that fair?

No, it isn’t. God is just and He judges every sin ever committed by mankind.

Yet God, willing to show His love towards men, sent His own Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to die in the place of sinners (Romans 5:8). Christ died in the place of His people, all those brought to believe on Him and cry out to Him for mercy. He took the punishment owed to them. God punished His own Son for His people’s sake. Their sin is not ignored, but is judged in the Saviour - Jesus Christ - who suffered and died on a cross for sinners.

Yes, all men deserve to be condemned for their sin for ever. But God, willing to show mercy, chose a people for whom He would offer up His Son as a sacrifice. Christ died in their place. Not because they deserved it but because God chose to set His love upon them freely by His grace, and judge their sins in Another.

Do you recognise that you deserve God’s wrath just as the next man does? If so, has God opened your eyes to see your need of salvation from such judgement? Have you been brought to see what God’s Son, Jesus Christ, really came into the world to do – to SAVE sinners?

If you have then you’ll be brought to see your need of God’s mercy - your need to be washed from your sins by the blood of Jesus Christ. And if you come to the point of crying out to God for mercy you will find that He is faithful to His promises and is merciful to all those who cry out for mercy. You will find that there is a sure and certain salvation from sin and death to be found in Jesus Christ. That there is everlasting life, peace, pardon, forgiveness and joy to be found, and only found, in knowing Jesus Christ and following Him.

Then perhaps you will be brought to ask the question “Why did the Son of God die for someone like me? Someone who ignored Him all these years, someone who ignored His Gospel, who lived selfishly for himself?”

Perhaps then you’ll really have reason to ask, “Why me?”

“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23


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